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electricity-billPaying Electricity Bills may be one of the hardest tasks you have to go through every month. Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department accepts bill payments via respective J&K Bank Business Units through cash or Cheque. However, due to high number of consumers allotted per branch, it constrains customers to visit branches and sit in long queues, a total waste of time and energy.

Better late than never, Jammu and Kashmir Bank now accepts bill payments via its ebanking portal. If you are a customer of Jammu and Kashmir Bank, availing their ebanking service, the life may get easier for you. You don’t need to visit the bank anymore. You can pay bills lying in your couches, 24×7. If you are not an ebanking customer yet, you can activate the service at any branch of the bank. Click here to download eBanking Application Form.

Eight Sub Divisions of PDD of Kashmir Province viz Zakura, Nishat, Zainakote, Khanyar, Bhagat Barzalla, Chadura, Hawal and Rainawari while five Sub Divisions of PDD of Jammu Province viz Parade-1, Parade-2, Parade-3, Canal and Gandhi Nagar were enabled for the use of consumers of PDD, J&K State but they have rolled out the service for all substations now. The service is available only to e-banking users of J&K Bank.

For availing the service, the process to be followed by PDD consumers is as follows:
• For receiving the bills from PDD (J&K), eBanking User_id has to “Register” the concerned PDD consumer_id, which shall be a one time activity.In order to register,an e-banking user, after logging on , shall proceed as under:

  • Click on the Bills option
  • Click on the Bill Presentment sub-option
  • Click on the option Register
  • Select biller as PDD , JAMMU AND KASHMIR.
  • CLICK Submit

After selecting the Biller, an option to enter the required fields like Consumer_id will be provided. Subsequently, the terms and conditions must be accepted. This will complete the process of registering a new consumer_id and a confirmation message of the same will be displayed.

After successful registration, the data of the consumer shall be updated in the PDD database available with the Bank and his particular record shall be earmarked for payment through e-Banking.

An e-Banking user can register more than one Consumer id .However, one Consumer id can be registered by one eBanking user only. Another eBanking user can register an already registered Consumer id only once the previous eBanking user has de-registered the Consumer id.

To modify payment options for an already existing Payee or to delete a payee, an e-banking user needs to go to Bill Presentment sub-option and click on Nick Name.

To pay a bill, it must first be acknowledged, and then paid. The following details about the Presented Bills will be provided in Bill Presentment sub-option:
o Pending Payments
o Payments Made
o Rejected Bills

Search on Pending Payments will display all the unpaid bills or bills awaiting acceptance which can subsequently be paid by the consumer.
After a bill is paid, it is available in Payments Made list, available in Bill Presentment sub-option.

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  1. Aashiq says:

    Long waiting for this.

  2. Aazim says:

    Late but good…pdd needs to avaliable this feature for more banks.


    i am very happy with this facility regarding the submission of electricity bill through internet. i requesting the pdd aothority kindly prepare a short process for submission of bill through internet like as airtel, BSNL and Other.


    this is the nice step in kashmir
    ebanking facilities on electric bill

  5. shabir says:

    Good step


    Very late decision


    Very late decision,yet not toooo late


    An appreciating effort made by the JKPDD. I hope it will prove best way to generate in time revenue for the Department. Shall wait for adding more user friendly procedure(s). Congratulations to JKPDD for introducing the e-payments.

  9. Bishan Das says:

    Kindly status consumer ID No.0202020012979.

  10. Great , it vl help a lot

  11. azhar salroo says:

    Good step but this facility needs to apply for more banks

  12. ZIA UR REHMAN LONE says:

    very nice will help to save precious time

  13. AIJAZ AHMAD DAR says:

    Good facility but wrong option only paying bill through j&k bank
    Kindly connect all indian bank & online paying bill through PAYTM, MOBIKWICK, etc
    Kindly generate an JKPDD APP every one use easy pay pdd bill

  14. NAYEEM AHMAD DAR says:

    Late but good step and don’t suffer consumer please

  15. sahil says:

    Charges kya hai

  16. dharminder sharma says:

    i am not getting my PDD from last Sept 2016 but i paid through bank.ankingas earlier i was getting bill and i pay them at jkbank ebanking
    my id 0102030028176
    pls arrange to send my electric bill for the month of Dec2016

  17. dharminder sharma says:

    i am not getting my PDD bill from last Sept 2016 but i paid through bank.and earlier i was getting bill and i pay them at jkbank ebanking
    my id 0102030028176
    pls arrange to send my electric bill for the month of Dec2016

  18. Abc says:

    Good but don’t understand why they bottlenecked the payment gateway only through JK BANK. It should be open for all payment methods.

  19. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Lot of time and human resource is saved in general and getting rid of the trauma of queueing in the banks in particular. Good job done by PDD.

  20. StevefrusE says:

    Find out what you need to improve in yourself to become more effective!

  21. Mohammad Ayoub Bhat says:

    Good job done by pddbill thanks